Dr. Steven S. Steele
Dr. Steven S. Steele
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The Craftsmanship of Relationships

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE MASTERS IN THE SILICON VALLEY WORKPLACE yet feel so alone and distant?  With fast-paced and performance living, we have had so little margin and energy to develop our relational lives. As a result, we have steady relationships in our workplace but can feel so utterly unknown and distant in our relational lives where intimacy has slowly drifted away over time.  What is needed is a new mastery of communication skills for you and your partner to renew and develop a lasting intimate relationship with one another.

I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH COUPLES AND INDIVIDUALS FOR OVER 20 YEARS -  not only do I bring expertise in relational research as a clinical ptr. counselor, but more personally, I know firsthand the pressures and life cycles of marriage through the ups and downs of my own.  A lasting and thriving marriage is not for the faint of heart!  Marriage is one of the most courageous and rewarding works you and I will ever do.  And the wisest amongst us recognize that we can not do this marriage thing alone and we need the professional guidance of another to help us navigate the fluidity of our ever-changing relationships. 

WE WILL WORK WITH SURGICAL PRECISION in counseling by identifying places where you are stuck in your marriage.  You will receive coaching on becoming a master in the relational science of communication skills for increasing individual and couple satisfaction.   And through direct intervention, together we will intentionally change patterns that have hounded you for years.  

SOME COUPLES REPORT RENEWING IMPROVEMENT to understanding their own needs better and move from being disconnected to intimately connected to their partner - a renewal to self and of friendship to their spouse.  And even some couples come back from the brink of divorce.

THIS RELATIONAL COACHING IS A LOT LIKE JAZZ as it's imaginative, integrative, precise, and uniquely instructive by which many couples and individuals account for meaningful and enduring transformation.  And whether it's considering, renewing, or discerning the future of your marriage, let's design something that is custom crafted to your specific interpersonal goals.

I ADMIRE YOU FOR COURAGEOUSLY SEEKING ASSISTANCE in your marriage.  Quite frankly, I love what I do!  I've seen and heard just about everything under the sun.  For this reason, I consider the opportunity to be invited to work with you as like walking on sacred ground.

MY GOAL GUIDING YOU THROUGH COUNSELING is for you to eventually fire me!  Yes, that's right.  I want to help you become the best partner to yourself and your spouse.  I want to give you the tools necessary to break through the gridlocks, improve communication, understand patterns so that you can masterly navigate issues and to ultimately help you get what you need from one another.  Don't worry; we'll stick together for as long as it takes for you and your partner to become confident enough to apply the new tools to the new you and your ever-changing relational dynamics.


20+ Years of Experience

Doctorate, Princeton (PTS), D.Min., em IND & ORG Psychology at Princeton, N.J. | Master's, Fuller (FTS), em Clinical Family Systems, M.Div. at Pasadena, CA | Thompson Scholar's Award & Resident, Columbia (CTS) Graduate School at Decatur, Georgia | Adjunct Professor of Field Education for Graduate Schools at Princeton (PTS), Princeton, NJ - Western (WS), San Jose, CA - Fuller (FTS), Pasadena, CA | CRT Clinical Therapist, Prepare & Enrich | VER & PFD Clinical PTR Counselor by Psychology Today | C.P.E.; Clinical PTR ED, Counseling Residency at Arcadia Methodist Hospital, CA | CRT Hospice Counselor | Trained Exec. Coach | APP, Mayor's Task Force for Youth Gang Prevention, City of SJ | NTL Plenary CONF SPKR, Relational Health | Board Chair/CEO, Multi-NPOs | Relational Life Therapist, CRT Level III | Gottman Clinician, CRT Level 3 Couples Therapist - The Gottman Institute